Curiosity is Queen

October 1, 2017

“Curiosity plants the seed of doubt in the fertile ground that is your belief system.”

Someone brilliant said that and I can’t remember whom. If it was you, please send me a note and I will give you credit.

I was listening to Eckhart Tolle yesterday and every word that came out of his mouth was brilliant. He made the word toothpaste sound magical. He was doing a very good job at explaining how we as humans do not have an original thought. It is all a function of our human conditioning. We have been conditioned by our society, family, government, religion and media, etc. Absolutely everything in our personal world and our internal belief system is based on that conditioning.  It is an extremely difficult concept to grasp. I have been working on it for thirteen years and still struggle with it.

Back to my own words now…the answer to even start to crack the shell of conditioning is CURIOSITY. I was never a curious kid. I didn’t question much. I believed my parents and accepted the teachings of the Catholic Church and that was that. Then, through a series of severe losses in my life, I went through the first of many Dark Nights of the Soul and caught a glimpse of a world hidden by the world we live in. I experienced the world behind the conditioning. And it was mind blowing. No longer could I remain in victim mentality believing the world was done to me. I now knew for sure the world was lived through me and I have the power to shape it.

I was researching women’s history and ancient world religions for my trilogy series and I came across the story of Lilith. I had never heard of Lilith. She was conveniently left out of Christianity. As I dug into it, there were some conflicting stories about her. Some said she was the first wife of Adam. Some said she was a goddess before the time of Moses. Most demonized her and blamed her for infant death syndrome and nocturnal emissions! How unbelievably insane. I was presented with three vastly different stories, all written by people with a certain agenda. I was left to do the only thing I could…come up with my own opinion. I am never going to know the absolute truth about Lilith except what I decided for myself.

And I realized that’s what I’m called to do. And that’s what you’re called to do. You are called to take in all the data possible on whatever idea in front of you, and come to your own conclusion. And please weigh your gut feeling heavily in the decision because it is your guidance system to your own personal truth. As an aside, I didn’t accept Lilith as a baby killer but those that do are entitled to their screwed up opinions ;)

The first step toward your freedom from conditioning is to have an open mind. To admit our beliefs may not be true stirs up great fear about who we are at a fundamental level. I get that. My beliefs have been rocked and rebuilt and rocked again for over a decade. It’s not for the faint of heart. But women are so much stronger than we’ve been given credit for and I know you’re ready. Be open to the possibility that what we are presented with in this country is not the whole story. There is so much information out there in the world regarding personal power, energy, our human connection to the Divine, and facing our fears that have been placed there by others to keep us small. In next week’s post I will talk about how Curiosity connects you to the vast ore of your Imagination. This is where your magic lives.

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