"Your story has made you who you are, but not who you're meant to be.

How do you want to write your next chapter?"


​What is the Story your Heart came here to tell?

​The next chapter of your life will be one of deeper connection. That’s where we are in human evolution. No more playing shallow. It’s time to dive into the deep waters of your beautiful heart. The answers within the quiz below will design a personal roadmap to help you connect to who you came here to be.

​"I believe there is an intelligent magic all around us that we can tap into for help and ideas and solutions to our problems."

I believe we are partnering with this force to create our world.

I believe our creations, what we contribute to our world are what make us feel fulfilled.

I believe the most important power on the planet is that of the human heart.

I believe there is no greater love than the love of a mother.

​I believe that life doesn’t happen TO us but THROUGH us.

I believe the quality of your life is intrinsically tied to the questions you ask.

I believe taking risks are vital for a fulfilling life.

I believe it is imperative to face your fears. They are there to show you unhealed parts of yourself.

​I believe that Spirituality and Creativity are two sides of the same coin. What you create and contribute to this world is your brand of spirituality

We all hold a piece of the puzzle for the awakening of the planet.

My part is twofold.

My first mission is to raise a strong compassionate son who will help uplift the world with his contributions. My second mission is to bring in the beauty of Sophia and the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine teachings to all who want to know them.

Do you know your piece of the puzzle? Do you want to discover it?

This is a journey of self discovery and self realization. You won’t find your answers outside yourself. Truth is an inside job.

​Heart words...

​I've attended a few of Stacey's workshops as well as read her trilogy "First Night" and she is filled with divine wisdom and truth. She is able to explain divine feminine principles that are relatable and with creativity. Her enthusiasm and passion to bring consciousness to the world is inspiring. I witnessed her birth these books and waited for each one to be published so I could binge read the magical mysteries that she embedded in these fun stories. If you are a writer who wants to be led in flow to get your creation out or you are seeking to learn about divine mysteries from someone who has taken the time to study these principles in depth then go learn from Stacey. She deeply cares and will guide you in the most creative sacred way. Just like these mysteries, Stacey is humble and powerful in expressing these truths. I am honored to get to learn from her and know her"

~Brooke Emery

I write to inspire. I focus on themes that resonate with women. We’ve been cultured to sit on the sidelines cheering on the men in our life. But at this time in history, women are stepping out into the sun in droves! We just need a little support. Inspiring stories fuel our fire to be bold, set our sights on our goals and go for them.

The art of story asks us to flex our muscle of imagination. Imagination is where the magic of our existence truly lives, especially for women. I want to inspire and educate through the magic of story telling.

I want to help you be inspired by your own story.

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