Award winning author Stacey L. Tucker uses her fifteen years of field research in women’s history, spirituality, and energy work in her fantasy fiction series, The Equal Night Trilogy.The books help explain the changes we are seeing in our current world in an entertaining and relatable way. Tucker’s first book in the series, Ocean’s Fire, took Gold at the Living Now Book Awards. She has written for Ms. Career Girl, Working Mother, and Woman’s World and has developed a series of on-line courses about self-empowerment and connection to the magic within you. She coaches aspiring authors and can hold your hand through the daunting process of writing and publishing a book. ​

​As a writer I know worlds are created in the silence and the connection to the vastness of my internal being. This power that’s within all humans is so immense that a connection to it can be scary. But it is one of the reasons why we are here, on the planet-to know ourselves as a pencil point of God and direct that energy into creating. We just have to decide what we want to create.

I think everything looks better with a little sparkle. Why? Sparkle is our innocence. It is the part of us that got covered over by conditioning from others. It is the part that others say should go away because we are too old. But that’s wrong. Our sparkle is never too old and never dies. Our sparkle is our connection to our eternal self. Our sparkle is our uniqueness, our individual self expression of the Divine.

I believe everyone has a purpose but once you have kids, your primary purpose is to be a great parent. I am a stepmom of 16 years. The lessons from that could be it’s own book. And then came my son. He is a thirteen-year-old hockey player who opened my heart to boys. Chicken Soup for the Soul, New Moms

There are pieces of our heart that we are searching for in this lifetime. You know when you find them. Your heart feels full. Children open our hearts to love.