Courses for Connection

The offerings from my heart to yours are below

​There are documented milestones in a woman’s life where mythology, psychology and spirituality overlap on our search for meaning and renewal. Midlife is one of the big ones. We’ve raised our babies and now look to the future where we can make ourselves a priority. But we have no idea what that means, or how to do it. Our unique time in history affords us the means to live any life we imagine and no road map on how to do it.

We are the trailblazers called to recreate the definition of Woman.

Or I should say resurrect.

​Through my research I uncovered a vast font of information about the ways of the Ancient WomanGoddesses they were called. It was a time when women were revered, sex was sacred, and magic was real.
We’ve been through hell and back in the last two millennia. Women are ready to take back the life they know deep down in their souls they deserve. And I am proud to share the Wisdom I have gained over my dozen years of research and road testing.
When we are ready, we are led to the tools that we need on our journey through this life. We just have to be open to recognize them. If we push them away, they will keep at it. The Universe is in no rush.

That longing in your heart wants your attention. It’s only going to grow louder. And when you’re ready to take action toward fulfilling that desire that only belongs to you, I’ll be here.

I want to give you the tools to empower you to create the story of your life you wish to tell.

I will open the door for you.

Is it time for you to walk through?