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Author of the fan favorite Equal Night trilogy, highlighting concepts vital to understanding our changing world, Stacey Tucker has reached thousands of people with her message of authority from within. She teaches them to connect to their inner truth and take inspired action, both in her content and in her workshops.
She is known for her passionate teaching style to get students enthusiastic about going after their soul purpose and creating lasting change in their lives.  
Her books tell a universal story, one of the path we’re all on, the hero’s journey. She uses the medium of myth to highlight the fact that we are all more alike than we are different.
Some of the publications she’s been featured in are: Working Mother, Ms. Career Girl, Women’s World, Writer’s Digest and PopSugar.
Stacey splits her time between the woods of Connecticut and the woods of the Adirondacks but longs for a life at the beach. All in divine timing…

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​PopSugar – National content piece: 6 Ways to Affirm Your Inner Feminist (~19.2 million reach)

Buzzfeed – National roundup (~17.7 million reach)

Brit + Co – National roundup (~6.7 million reach)

Woman’s World – National content piece: The Secret Ways the Women in My Life Taught Me About Womanhood (~900K reach)

Working Mother – National content piece: 6 Small Ways Mothers Help Raise Strong, Confident Daughters (~440K reach)

Kirkus Reviews – National review

Writer’s Digest – National content piece: 6 Key Traits for Writing the Contemporary Literary Heroine (~1.5 million reach)

Culturalist – National roundup

Hypable – National content piece: Author Stacey Tucker’s 15-ish Songs to Cheer on Your Inner Badass (~1.6 million reach)

San Francisco Book Review  - National review

Author Stories Podcast – National podcast interview

The Daily Author Podcast – National podcast interview

Indie Picks Magazine – Print and digital national roundup

Ms. Career Girl – National roundup

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