July 28

The Greatest Hoax in History

You are a Wild Woman
As a culture we have successfully civilized our humanness. And we are miserable. The good news is that within our misery lies restlessness. And that restlessness will save us. I know you feel it. No woman can escape it these days.

We live in a society of manipulation, bombarded with cultural toxins that change the makeup of the individual over time. At the heart of that manipulation is a power struggle. It is the fight over YOUR SEXUALITY.

Since Eve was blamed for the problems of the world, sex has been labeled the original sin. For millennia the natural act that creates life has been labeled dirty and bad; not to be discussed openly, healthily. And so around the world, a trillion dollar shadow industry thrives, preying on the shame of suppressed desire.

This dear friends is The Greatest Hoax in History-that our sexuality, the very life force that creates us and sustains us, is wrong. And in turn, the amazing, magical creature that embodies and grows life from this energy-WOMAN is also wrong.

The innate power of women has been controlled for thousands of years. That control tightened its grip through the Middle Ages and the Salem Witch Trials, among other key moments in history, and continues to torture “inappropriate” women around the world to this day.

In my series, The Equal Night Trilogy, I wanted to shine a light on a global culture that has bread generations of women to believe they are less than whole simply because they are women. It was my mission with this series to remind women of their extraordinary power and gifts and to give them a permission slip to want more from life.

The power of sex is the power of life

The Kundalini energy of all humans is the sexual energy, the life force of our being. It is also the feminine energy, the primal, instinctual animal vitality that lies dormant at the base of your spine. I urge you to seek out Kundalini Yoga to explore the possibilities the practice can open for you. It is an ancient technology that strengthens the nervous and glandular systems in the body as well as raise your physical vibration to get in touch with this awe-inspiring life force longing for your attention.

Our youth-obsessed culture sends the message that once you hit a certain age, you serve no purpose. Vitality, value and certainly sex belong to the youthful. It is expected to be dissatisfied with one’s sex life as we age. I couldn’t disagree more.

How do you uncover that vital, sexual energy within you?

First you must acknowledge your internal rage.

“I don’t have rage,” you say.

I’m going to wholeheartedly disagree. I didn’t think I had rage either. It was so repressed it showed itself as depression. It wasn’t until I got to the bottom of my depression that I discovered it was a mask for my anger. The very fact that you are a woman means that you are carrying baggage. And it’s not just yours. It’s your mother’s and your grandmother’s and all of the women that came before her. The line of ancestral sludge runs long and deep.

As women we have been cultured to be nice and polite and not to show our ugly side. And God for bid don’t be too sexy. Why? Have you ever wondered why not? Who does it threaten??

Think about that for just a moment. This crucial aspect of ourselves has been repressed and controlled since the Aryans started conquering the world. This is the true secret to life. This power, this vitality, this joy has been controlled by outside forces. That realization alone should bring up that anger I mentioned.

Reconnect with your Joy

What lit you up as a kid? What do you want to create just for fun? We’ve been conditioned to believe fun shouldn’t be an end goal. Your love for love’s sake is vital to rekindle the fire you thought was long extinguished.

There is another way…

Lets Talk about it…with each other and with our kids

I’m going to bet you didn’t get a healthy sex education from your parents. I don’t know of one person who did. It’s not their fault, it’s thousands of years of repression locked in the human DNA. But we have a choice to act differently. We can raise a generation that loves their bodies as they are, and embraces sex as a natural, healthy, vital energy.

This is an important part of communication in our nuclear families. It is imperative as mothers and fathers of today’s youth to find our balls and discuss the pleasure of sex and what intimacy with another is truly about. We are in crisis mode now. Days of Playboy under the bed are long gone. Children at very young ages are heading to the internet for sexual education and getting a very warped sense of right and wrong.

Only with a strong foundation from nuclear families can our children make the right choice. Without doing so, we are sending them into a warzone with no battle gear.

But I understand in talking to our kids about sex, our own insecurities emerge for reasons we can’t even name, they’ve been around so long. The shadow side of the topic has been allowed to rule under the cover of shame placed there by those that know where true power lies. Much healing needs to happen around the complex topic of sex.

Demand more from your life

AWARENESS is the first step. PAY ATTENTION to the manipulation around you. QUESTION why you are being shuffled in one way or another with the images in the media. REFUSE to accept just about everything you’ve been told. Look, I’m no fan of Trump but we’ve been living in this patriarchy for longer than he’s been on the planet so we can’t blame him for the mess we’re in. BE YOUR OWN HEROINE! Stop waiting to be rescued by everyone else and start living your life the way you want. Will it ruffle feathers? Hell yes and so what? That voice inside you is dying for you to dust off your courage and take action. We are not here at this crucial time in history
to sit and watch others write it.

CULTIVATE a new relationship with your body. Instead of berating it because you think your arm waddle is hideous or your thighs are too big or you’ve gained a few pounds, acknowledge your amazing body for carrying you through life, bearing your children, holding your heart in place so it can take all the pains and joys of your life and keep on beating.
The theme in The Equal Night Trilogy serves as a reminder that true authority comes from within. I hope by now, you realize the only person you need a permission slip from is yourself.