July 28

Truth in Myth-How Mythology Lives Within Us

Mythology is our lifeline to the secret power inside all women. Before
science, stories were told to explain the human condition. Those stories
were our truths. Running alongside written history, those truths became
our myths.

In Sky of Water, my last installment of The Equal Night Trilogy, we see the
truth we have felt all along, that the wisdom of the ancients is buried within
each of us. We just have to take the time to uncover it.

In our own world, women’s history has been so manipulated, we’ve been
forced to tether ourselves to the women of mythology, our ancient sisters,
to retain a glimpse of who we were and who we are meant to be. Not only
do the women of mythology, the “goddesses,” point to the secret powers
within, they tap into the grander purpose of our daily concerns and small

Before the Fertile Crescent was invaded by Indo-European conquerors,
somewhere around 4000BC, the Great Goddess was free. 1 She was the all-
encompassing force of nature that held the power of life and death in her
hands. Once invaders conquered her lands, she knew her freedom had
been lost. The only way to survive was to fragment herself. Her essence
was not entirely annihilated, but absorbed into the spreading patriarchal
religions. Hence, the great goddesses of Greek mythology were born, each
containing an aspect of the Great One. These goddesses now had to work
their magic within the framework of the patriarchy. And so do we.

Physical strength is an obvious yet important power to highlight when
discussing mythical women. Watching our fellow woman break the binds of
physical limitation empowers us all. But goddesses with other strengths
uplift humanity in quiet yet equally important ways. And if we keep an
open mind, we can see the characteristics of that goddess alive within us.

Aphrodite the power of beauty and love
If you embody Aphrodite, you are confident in your body and hold the
power of beauty and love as your inner truth. You are able to accept
pleasure and believe in your heart you are beautiful and deserving of love.
Aphrodite has the power to make others open their heart. And only with an
open heart will the human race evolve.

Athena – the power of wisdom
If you embody Athena, you know the value of life experience. Knowledge
can be taught but only experience brings wisdom. And wisdom is power.
Chances are you’ve been on the planet for a while and have gained the
insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. You know who you are
and are comfortable in your own skin. There is power in maturity. Athena is an excellent mentor for those that walk after her.

Hestia – the power within
If you embody Hestia, you believe that the woman is the heart of the
family. She is the creator and nurturer, making the house a home.
Spirituality is also important to Hestia. Cultivating intuition is vital for a
balanced life and you are happy in your own company. Our society
conditions us to seek wholeness outside of ourselves. Embodying Hestia
focuses your attention inward, the only true way to peace.

Demeter-the power of the mother
If you embody Demeter, you know the fierce love and protection of a
mother, either by being one or having one. Family is the most important
part of your life. You remember that you have enormous influence, and you
work to be a good role model for your children. Demeter believes in the
sacredness of the female body, as creator and nurturer of life.

Baubo- the power of laughter

One of my favorite goddesses is vastly unknown, Baubo. When an
inconsolable Demeter is mourning the loss of her daughter Persephone,
only bawdy and audacious Baubo is able to make her smile. If you embody
Baubo, you are aware of the power of female relationships, healthy
sexuality and the healing power of laughter.

The goddesses of mythology remind us that we are a generation of women
creating our own opportunities, not waiting for permission. Our ancient sisters show us how to live within the constraints of a judgmental society and thrive despite opposition. They live on, immortal, unconquerable within us.

¹ Great Goddess Theory, Marija Gimbutas