September 9

Be Bold!

Easier said than done most days. Why is it we have the fire in our bellies one minute, in a shame spiral the next? If only the feeling of invincibility would stick around for awhile, I’d get a lot more done. It makes me think of all of my unfinished projects, just short of the goal line. I realize it’s an internal issue. But that’s the good news. If the scared woman is inside so is the bold one. It’s all about directing attention. Here we can access the field of psychology that studies archetypes. These roles are all within us just waiting for some stage time. It’s really a matter of which one we cultivate.

For many women, we’ve been set in patterns created by family and culture, rarely looking within to connect and explore other sides of our rich, diverse selves. Diversity is a big buzz word right now but much of it has to do with exploring and accepting the many facets of our own nature, desires and personalities. If we are willing to accept all parts of ourselves, we are more open to accept others.

That’s why writing fiction is so much fun and so good for connecting to the soul. It’s a permission slip to unleash all the different parts of ourselves in a “safe” container. I encourage many of my clients to write story. You will be amazed at the connection between what emerges on paper and what emerges in your life.

Be Bold in your writing. Be Bold in your life. One can feed the other quite nicely.

I explore this topic more deeply in my recent IGTV Live…