September 27

Help One Person

“You can’t affect millions if you can’t help ten.” Seth Godin

This is a profound statement in our world of likes and followers. And one I’ve adopted in how I approach my work. Our culture pushes us to seek fame and beat algorithms but what is it really doing to help other people? The old saying ‘change starts with you’ also lends itself to ‘help starts with one.’ Help, heal, inspire, uplift ONE OTHER PERSON. Start there.

Our ego wants our good deeds to be splashed all over the internet but that’s an internal issue for all of us. In the quiet moments of kindness toward a neighbor or teaching a small class of children mindfulness, real change occurs. In us, and in the world.

It truly fills my heart to know that I helped one person see their life differently today. Helping another person heal helps me heal as well.

Your words and deeds affect others. That is enormous power. Use it wisely.