October 5

Women’s History…What the hell happened?

Why was the Goddess erased from history? It’s the question that’s driven me for almost a decade. The discovery of Sophia, the feminine face of God resonated so completely in my soul that she was the driver for making sure my book series got done despite all obstacles including my own self worth.

As Caitlyn Matthews writes “Sophia stimulates us inward toward Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.” She is the embodiment of Human and Divine. Her story explains the Divine in Human form and her erasure ensured the veil over our own magic, our own power, our own potential.

Erasing the idea of the Divine Feminine or Goddess culture from our history ensured our own disempowerment as a species.

It’s also important to note, this isn’t just a Women’s History issue, it’s a Humanity History issue. The erasure of this part of our being effects men just as much as women. The healing that must be done for our species evolution is vital for our boys just as much as our girls.

Untangling the strings of history, culture, religion and power is not easy but necessary to look at it, heal it and move forward into a world we want to live in and raise our children in.

What’s it going to take?

A willingness to soften. A willingness to listen. Most people are struggling to listen to others right now, bent on keeping their beliefs in tact. Will the President’s illness open the door for opposing views to possibly come together? The last thread of our political system is about to snap and what happens after that will rest on the actions of each person. Not necessarily on the collective. The “collective” is group mind thinking. The road we must now take is INDIVIDUAL thinking. For centuries the collective has relinquished its power to the few. But that time is over.

Living from an INDIVIDUAL TRUTH is the only way forward. That will change the landscape of the country and the world but isn’t that what we want? Evolution? Is there a person among us that wants it to go back to the way things were? Where those in control were hiding and hurting so many and everyone lived in apathy?

This cracking open is painful for all but necessary to heal and move forward. Reclaiming the lost parts of ourselves that were taken throughout history makes for a whole society and that’s what we’re evolving toward.

Exciting Times!