November 12

Taking Back 13

It’s time to take back the date of Friday the 13th as a powerful day for creativity and the power of the feminine principle. In our new age of Aquarius, it represents Unity Consciousness.

And as the term UNITY implies, no one is left out, not Biden, not Trump, despite our illusory beliefs about any other living person on the planet, NO ONE is left out of Unity Consciousness.

That is where we are headed as a collective. The only question is how long will it take to get there. The decision is yours.

As Albert Einstein pointed out linear time is a persistent illusion so it doesn’t really matter how long you take to get to Unity Consciousness because the outcome is inevitable. It then becomes a matter of how much pain you want to go through to get there, again, the choice is yours.

I’ve always been about questioning the historical narrative-how much of what we’ve been conditioned to believe is accurate? It turns out, very little.

13 was a lucky number in ancient Celtic and Norse cultures. And Friday the 13th was the day of the Goddess Freya, 13 was her sacred number.

13 was often associated with the female cycles of the body and the cycles of the moon. 13 also represents the return of the Divine Feminine, including the mysteries of the Grail and my beloved Sophia, the embodiment of the Christed Feminine. “It contains codes of Ascension, oneness and unity that transforms all things. It is only divisible by itself representing purity, 13 is incorruptible and exists within its own integrity.”  Caylin Castell

The Great Seal of the United States has 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 berried, 13 stripes and 13 leaves as well as two 13 letter phrases.  Do you think they were scared of the number 13 or knew of it’s power? The original architecture of the capitol of the United States was overflowing with the use of the number 13.

The next time the number 13 instills fear in you, stop and ask yourself why? Because that’s what you’ve been told all your life? What else have you been told to instill fear in you that is now coming to light as an untruth?

As a collective we’ve been cultured to believe in “superstitions” or dismissing the notion that a number could hold any power at all. It all comes down to beliefs. And at some point along the path to Unity Consciousness, we must evaluate our beliefs and see they are also illusions daring us to look beyond them at what waits for us. The TRUTH.

The only other Friday the 13th of 2020 was in March and we all know what happened then, let’s see what happens in November…