January 3

I should be more than this

I have started 2021 with a class on journeying. The class takes me on guided meditations through various portals in my energetic fields to access multi-dimensional information. I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s actually quite simple and very informative. There is limitless information and help available to us if we only have the tools to access it.

The journey I took last night was to meet my future self. It was my self on Jan 1, 2022, one year from now. The exercise was to get a gift or symbol or item from my future self. The item wasn’t the interesting part. The interesting part was my future self didn’t want to give it to me. In fact, the judgements, and almost loathing coming off of my future self was palpable. It made the current me feel really bad about myself. Only after thinking about it for awhile, did I see I was given a gift of insight.

The future me is still me and I recognized that I judge myself very harshly. Not just the future me, but the current me. When I did my journeying to my past me, I had compassion and felt sad for the past me. So why does future me hold harsh judgement?

The future me feels that I’ve sat on my ass for two months and the sulking has got to end. The future me feels that the current me should be more than I currently am. And my takeaway is this:

“Either go become more, or dissolve the judgement. Because sitting in judgement and taking no action to change is absurd.”

I can hate myself for not “being more” or I can take action toward “becoming more.” And only I can define what “more” is. I do know that when I share my experiences and writings, I feel good and feel I am contributing. And when self-loathing rears its head and prevents me from sharing, I spiral downward and not only stop creating but also judge myself for not creating.

It’s easy to see the solution from a different vantage point, harder to see it from the zero point, eye of the storm that current me resides in. That’s why this exercise was immensely helpful.

I would highly recommend journeying to meet other aspects of your multi-dimensional self. It’s a way to get to the root of unconscious self-defeating tendencies and bring the unconscious to light.

Awareness is the first step. As much spiritual work as I’ve done over the last 15 years, I never really felt my self judgement first hand until doing this exercise.

As humans, we have to feel it, experience it, to believe it. Once you experience it, you can make a more conscious choice to change your habits, views and judgements, about others and most especially about yourself.