February 26

What’s It Going to Take?

The world is changed by your action, not by your opinion ~ Paulo Coelho

As we continue to experience the big squeeze here in the 3rd Dimension it’s been quite a social experiment. What’s it going to take for each individual to grow a backbone? I’m still working on mine, but it’s much better than it was three months ago. As I sat and judged others for their foolish beliefs, mine went unchecked. But after a very hard quarter of a year, I now see the lesson. I see where I was still, after all this time, relying on others to fix the problems of the world while I watch.

That lifestyle model does not work.

We are in the big squeeze and it will only continue to flatten all of us until we take action. Action toward making a difference and standing up for what we believe is right. There are too many injustices going on at the moment to take them all on. So FOCUS is important. What lights you up or burns your ass? That drive within to take action to improve the world has to come from the individual. No one “out there” is going to do it.

The brainwashing of America is so blatant right now, only the brainwashed can’t see it! As Katherine Austin Fitts puts it, “the covert and the overt are converging before our eyes.” And that’s a blessing. No one can deny what’s going on. Censorship, stolen elections, vaccines, manipulated money markets, staged coups; corruption in every tentacle of the machine.

And now we are seeing the effects of the transgender agenda ooze out of its cesspool.


This interview with journalist and author Abigail Shrier is affirmation that something is very wrong with the education system that pushes the transgender agenda onto our children.

We are being, or already have been, groomed not to question “authority.” Whether it be “officials” of any kind, in this case doctors. We have been brought up to believe doctors know best. Well many parents right now are going against their gut feelings on this topic because the doctors and school officials are telling them something that goes against what is best for their child.

It’s obvious there are no advocates for parents now. The medical establishment has been bought and threatened to do the bidding for those we can’t see. As parents, we are out of time to find our backbone and stand up for our children. It’s only too late if we continue to do nothing.