March 16

Spiritual Poverty

I’ve been practicing the 21 Emanations of Tara with the book by Rachael Wooten, PhD. I recommend it to anyone looking to deepen your connection to the enlightened female Buddha, or if you have a desire to connect to the divine feminine within. This practice has giving me great comfort and support during this transition time on planet earth. 

Orange Poverty-Removing Tara delves into the topic of extreme lack, not just material but spiritual. Spiritual poverty is not something we often think about but it is the underlying cause of most of the problems in our lives and in the world. No matter what religion or faith you practice, if there is a lack of connection to God and your true Spirit Self, the world is bleak. But who is teaching that connection anymore? Especially in a time when the world needs God the most, we have been cut from gathering in worship. I had left the Catholic Church a dozen years ago for too many reasons to list but I know full well, when there is no religious education, that void is rarely filled with Spiritual Connection (note: they are not the same thing but for purposes of this short post, will treat them as such). At best, that time is filled with mindless tasks, at worst, addiction. Over the last 15 years I’ve had to forge my own way back to God, back to the Divine Mother, back to love of Self.

We have crossed an evolutionary threshold in our collective consciousness, one that now requires a deeper connection to personal truth and commitment to growth. The two world split has us spiraling up or spiraling down. The continued chasm is glaringly obvious and getting larger by the day. We are all called to spiral up in our own way.

Personal expression of the creator is our divine purpose.

Questions to ponder:

What do you have faith in?

Are you listening to your own truth or someone else’s?

Are you connected to God in a meaningful way, and in turn, connected to your Internal Compass? They are one and the same.

I look forward to diving deeper into this topic in the near future.