March 17

I’ve done what I wanted to do

“If I passed away tomorrow, it’s ok. I’ve done what I wanted to do.”

~ Charles Bello, Architect

I watched a segment on this man who has spent forty years off the grid in the wilderness of the redwoods in northern California. It was quite a unique and inspirational story. But to hear him say the words above was so incredibly interesting and got me thinking. I certainly haven’t done all I came to earth to do. He was quite a bit older so I sighed relief that I have some time. But do I? What am I waiting for? What are you waiting for?

So often it takes a jarring life altering experience to kick us in the ass to get moving in a better or different direction. We get complacent and comfortable and yes lazy.

Your comfort zone is a great place to live but nothing ever grows there.

On top of the inherent laziness in most humans, there are forces in the world right now warring for your attention, it is an actual war on consciousness. These forces beckon you to scroll or check some digital device for a hit. We’ve all been lulled into mild or not so mild addiction to digital gratification, all at the expense of our creativity.

Most of us sigh that it’s just the way it is, but once you realize the blatant manipulation in all of the digital screens you give your attention, you should be ripping pissed. I was and still am. But awareness of it is most of the battle. If you keep that awareness in any given moment,


You can’t unsee it. You can’t unknow it.

So then you can ask the question: Am I using this digital media as a tool or is it using me? The choice becomes yours. Your power is in your choice.

There are worlds to create and you have a limited amount of time here to do it.

Watching Charles’ story was the nudge I needed to write today. This post is your nudge.