March 18

Claiming Personal Authority

The past five months have marked a pivotal time in the human story. The two world split. So many have weighed in on what that looks like. And like most things, you can only really see it looking backward at it, after it happened.

I thought nothing much happened on December 20th, 2020: the powerful Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. The new-agers had us thinking the world was going to lift off into another dimension. It didn’t look like that on that day but it sure looks that way now.

The split can be made up of anything you want it to be: 3D/5D, Polarity/Oneness, Left/Right, Good/Evil, they all work. But looking back, it’s as clear as day to me:


There is no more time to find the connection to God, the Divine Mother, Spirit. THERE IS NO MORE TIME.

At this point in the human story, you are cultivating your relationships with your inner Self or you’re not. You have the inkling within you to seek Spirit and you are following the breadcrumbs. That’s all right now is for. Will you listen to that voice within you? Or will you follow another’s rules, authority, and control, out of fear?

What voice will you follow?

So many people I know are abandoning their idea of what their lives “should” look like and following their hearts into a completely different direction. Less city, more country. Less people, more connection. Less outer authority, more inner authority. This last year has shown us who we are on an individual level and on a collective level.

I was so pleased when a friend asked about a book I recommended last post. That’s all it takes-a desire to know more, to ask a deeper question, to follow that voice within. That desire connects you to deeper knowledge and connection to Yourself.

It is there that you are Found.