May 5

Morning Messages in the Mist

There is a time in the morning, before you are fully awake, when you can easily connect to Spirit. Before you get out of bed, listen…

What does God want to tell you? You could ask. The quality of your life is directly related to the questions you ask.

What do you want me to know today?

What is my purpose (today, this year, this lifetime)?

How can I handle this situation?

How can I stop eating excessively?

What is best for my child regarding school?

Any question posed in the morning mist will be answered.

This morning I got the message that the tough situations in my life, that seem to have no answer, are an invitation for me to LET GO. I can not fix or make a desired outcome manifest so I must simply release it.

That’s a hard one. We’ve heard all about manifestation and attracting the life we want and working hard to get it. But sometimes the hard lesson is letting go. To release the death grip on an outcome can be the bravest thing we ever do. And it is a gift to ourselves.

2020 and now 2021 have been about releasing the old ways, the old life, the old dreams and moving toward a better one. One with more light and joy and fun. We seem to have forgotten fun this past year. (It was actually taken from us) That was part of the COVID agenda, to separate humanity from our joy.

So much of this year was spent in tears. I sat in my prayer chair this morning, waiting to connect to my pain and cry. But I was surprised, no tears came, no pain. I felt empty. At least the pain made me feel…something.

Now I have to connect to the joy. That’s almost harder. The pain, the victim, the martyr, the sad girl-I know how to do that. But the joyous one-the one I was in my twenties, before my mom got cancer and changed my view of the world forever-how do I reconnect to that?

Ahh, another question.

In my twenties, I was naive and happy. My desire now is to be wise and happy. Not wise and bitter as so many women become-the stereotypical old crone-the one who never excised the demons in her soul to finally live free and open. My purpose now is to be wise and happy.

And that involves more letting go-of the narrative that all I am is sorrowful. In the action of writing to dialogue with Spirit an answer emerges, a direction, onward.

I know what to do now. Do you?