October 13

How much do we really know?

Here we go again..take sides. Russia/Ukraine, Vaxxed/Not Vaxxed, Palestine/Israel. You’ve got to take a side and not question anything. It’s pretty safe to say the majority of those commenting, posting and virtue signaling have a surface understanding of what has happened in the last week and in the last century in the region. I’m in that group. I know almost nothing about the history of Israel and Gaza, distant and recent. So I will refrain from opinion or posting or “standing” with anyone. All of it wrong, from the oppression, the lies, the profiting by everyone except those suffering-it’s all wrong. That is all I know for sure.

At the very least, watch this twelve minute explanation by Dr. Gabor Mate. You will be more informed than you are now.

That is his quote above by the way…