October 18

Rest in Peace

It was the last pose in yoga this morning, as always: Savasana: Corps Pose. Our teacher said aloud “rest in peace,” and I started to cry. We say this for the dead but how often for the living? As the exterior world continues to show us ourselves, is there a possibility for inner peace?


There is too much hurt, abuse, anger, resentment, abandonment, disappointment and fear in our hearts to believe we can be peaceful in our current state. Anyone who thinks so is delusional, unless you are a practicing monk. I’m pretty sure most of my readership does not fit into that category.

I am a positive person who doesn’t dwell or get sucked into the mainstream scream to pick a side. But not just any side, you better pick the right side. Enough of the those vs. them fights have happened in the last four years for most of the population to wake up to the manipulation. But, being that positive person, I can’t ignore the suffering on the planet – people suffering, animals suffering, the earth suffering-it’s everywhere. Pick a side-they are all suffering.

It is overwhelming, so the best coping mechanism is to disconnect. Connection is too hard. Disconnection means you don’t have to feel. That is easier. A closed heart is easier. An open, vulnerable heart is impossible in this climate. But then I wonder, will it ever get better? In the last FOUR YEARS the exterior has not gotten better, most can argue it’s gotten worse. So I ask you, if it NEVER gets better, will you remain closed forever? Disconnected for the rest of your days on the planet?

We block ourselves from pain but that also blocks out the beauty. You can’t only have the good times. We’ve all tried, somehow it bites you in the ass along your timeline. You know what I mean. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is cultivate our RESILIENCY. When things get hard, we need to know we are strong enough to get through and strong enough to extend a hand to those that are falling down around us. Even if they’ve picked the other side.

Visualize that for a moment-can you help someone who is laying face down on the ground next to you if you know they picked the other side??? Of course you can. There is way too much energy wasted on arguing sides when it doesn’t matter. It’s all a distraction from the real issue-closed hearts and disconnection from love and forgiveness and compassion for life. Reverence for all life.

I leave a little bit of my soul behind every time I write. I see no other way to do it. So I’ve been avoiding it because it hurts too much. But I am a strong person, I can connect to my compassion, forgiveness and love and give my encouragement to someone who may need it more than me today. And I offer you the sentiment “rest in peace.” I feel the living need it now, more than ever.